About IMC

IMC was established in Australia in 1979.

The company is active on behalf of a blue chip group of international clients in industry-to-industry markets in Australia and New Zealand.

IMC brand strategies blend brand presence plans with digital, media advertising, media relations, events and value chain promotions which roll out nationally.

Governing principles

A benefit shared is a benefit multiplied

Mutuality is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship. Mutuality underpins IMC’s relationships with our clients and trade partners .

Pride, punctuality and a sense of urgency

Since 1979, IMC has not missed a critical deadline. We deliver top rate creative work. We take great pride in our standards and, for this reason, in industry terms we continue to enjoy important long term business relationships.

Loyalty and professionalism

The most constructive partnerships are long-term. At IMC we immerse ourselves in each client's mission, sharing common goals and aspirations.